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          I love nature and animals!  While in college I decided to major in biology.  This choice allowed me to learn about the life cycles and habitats of animals.  An educational background that has come in handy while photographing animals in the field.

         Wildlife and nature photography has allowed me to observe and spend time in nature. I try to capture the love and awe I feel for nature in every shot. Photography has been the easiest way for me to pass on my love of nature to other people.

         The purpose of my work is to bring my audience closer to nature.It is my hope that the viewer will feel a connection to nature and the animals captured in my photos.  If people feel a connection to nature and wildlife, they will be more likely to champion the cause for endangered or threatened species and help protect them before they are lost forever.


         I have been photographing nature and wildlife for over ten years now.  I use Nikon digital equipment in the field and I use Adobe Photoshop in the office. My work has been published in magazines, displayed in art shows, sold as stock for advertisers, featured on book covers, and bought by admirers of fine art, nature, and photography.It is something that I will never tire of.  My enthusiasm and commitment to wildlife and preservation is as strong now as it was when I first began years ago.



Iris Abbott